Welcome to African Digital Heritage

We are a Nairobi based, non profit organization working to encourage a more critical, holistic and knowledge-based approach to digital solutions within African heritage. Through this, we hope to cement the place of African culture in an era of rapidly changing technologies and endless frontiers.



Everything from archives, to oral histories and monuments. We aim to create sustainable, engaging digitization solutions that factor in historical legacies, digital infrastructure and the needs of African collections. Our holistic approach to digitisation engages the needs of audiences, questions around technical inequality and issues around licencing and access to data. Projects


We love experimenting with new technologies. From virtual reality to mobile applications. Our experiments fuel our curiosity but they also push us outside our comfort zone, allow us to imagine alternate realities and visualize history in interactive, immersive way. Projects


As digital heritage is a growing, inter-disciplinary field, the core of our practice is grounded in research and co-creation with cultural sector practitioners, communities and stakeholders. Our historical research relies on existing data sets such as archives, oral histories and museum collections.

While our contemporary research explores emerging technologies and issues at the intersection of African heritage and digital technology. Projects


We see technology as a means to empower and to engage, by equipping audiences and organisations with the skills to reach a wider audience, digitise artifacts and engage with culture through various forms of digital media. Projects

Our inspiration stems from a deep commitment to the continent’s diverse history, and a curiosity that drives us to continuously push the limits of technology, arts and culture.

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