Sounds of Freedom – African Fiction Academy X African Digital Heritage

This year, African Digital Heritage is excited to partner with African Fiction Academy  in the Sounds of Freedom Project. 

The African Fiction Academy is a hub that invites creatives from all over the world to come and learn, create, and commercialise works of art inspired by African cultural heritage. Based between Nairobi and Paris, the Academy is focused on creating solutions around management and entrepreneurship for the creative economy, and developing cultural experiences at the intersection of art and technology.

We would like to invite Kenyans to participate in a new and unique experience through the life of the MAU MAU by immersing themselves in the stories of the young men and women who chose to fight  for Kenya’s independence and liberate Kenyans from British imperialism. 

As we celebrate the heroes who fought for Kenya’s independence and democracy on the 20th October 2021, we want to premiere an audio film series that captures the lives and personal experiences of Mau Mau fighters to remind people of the history of Kenya’s first patriots and share this knowledge with a generation that must understand its past in order to forge its future. 

“Through this project, we hope to breathe new life into those who gave their lives for our freedom.”- A.F.A

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