Akanyijuka Evans- Within The Depths Of The Unrealized


Akanyijuka Evans is a digital artist based in Kampala, Uganda. In his series, Akanyijuka collages and manipulates photography with AI-generated images to create hyperrealistic works. Through his series Within The Depths Of The Unrealized, Lies The Potential, Akanyijuka challenges the tendency to dismiss what we do not fully comprehend.

He embraces objective reasoning and the act of listening, recognising the potency of contradictions as a means to gain deeper insight into life’s contradictions. His work has been exhibited in group exhibitions such as Silent Invasions: The Art of Material Hacking in Amasaka Gallery, and the Art of Equality.

Evans was also a resident artist at 32 Degrees East in Uganda.

“Over the years, working with history and cultural heritage has given me valuable insights into my own identity and origins. Understanding the stories of the past holds immense power, offers lessons from the mistakes and victories of preceding generations, and highlights how those errors and victories have influenced the contemporary world. “

This knowledge helps him make more informed decisions when confronted with similar historical patterns. It also fosters a deep sense of pride in his cultural roots and the region where he was born and raised.


Evans, will be creating a project based on Rujumbura, a breakaway state from the Mpororo Kingdom in 1752, presently located in South West Uganda’s Rukungiri district. The historical Battle of Kagogo, where Rujumbura resisted Ankole rule under the leadership of Omukama Makobore, takes center stage in the project’s exploration.

Using digital art, specifically photography, and collage, the project will visually depict what transpired during this historical event. It will unravel the events that fueled this battle, spotlight the key leaders that propelled this resistance, and share the power of a small community resisting a powerful kingdom.

The residency will give him the space to develop and amplify his research, translate his findings into artistic expressions, allow him to contribute meaningfully to the discourse around the subject matter of his work, and enrich his understanding of his heritage.

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