Creative Africa Nexus @IATF 2021.


The Canex (Creative Africa Nexus) summit is here with us and we are excited to be a part of it this year. It will take place on the 15-21 November in Durban, South Africa.

Over the course of the Intra African Trade Fair(IATF) 2021, Canex  will be a unique showcase and celebration of Africa’s vibrant creative and cultural heritage. The Canex forum will bring together the best and brightest of Africa’s creative sector through substantial exhibition space, business to business/government meeting opportunities and a comprehensive programme of engaging conversations, panels discussions, live performances, installations and screenings. This will begin on 15 November, culminating in the two-day high-level CANEX Summit @ IATF2021 on 19 – 20 November 2021.

Canex promises to be the highlight of Africa’s creative and cultural calendar with hundreds of creative gatherings in Durban International Convention Centre (DICC) and Durban Exhibition Centre (DEC), Durban, South Africa to exhibit, showcase and network with policy makers, prominent investors and financiers, through leaders and other creative sector practitioners.

Our director Chao Tayiana Maina will be participating in a panel as a moderator on November 29th 2021, where they will be speaking on, “Africa and the global digital disruption.”

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