Digital Storytelling in the Global South: Utilizing Spatial Archives for Diverse Audiences


Join our Head of Programs and Outreach, Mutanu Kyany’a, alongside other panelists on Tuesday, March 14th, at 14:00-17:00 GMT, for the “Digital Storytelling in the Global South: Utilizing Spatial Archives for Diverse Audiences,” webinar. 

The webinar spotlights how archaeologists, historians, museum experts, and educators can engage with emerging digital spatial technologies to explore the past alongside the public. It takes us through the use of spatial data, archaeological and museum collections in the building of open-source prototype databases about precolonial African cities. It will thereafter explore how these linked, open and usable databases can and are being used for the purposes of storytelling, virtual exploration and empowerment of educators. 

Discussion topics for the day include:  

·       Storytelling with spatial archives: How various forms of spatial data can be incorporated into and structured within archival databases for digital storytelling; 

·       Digital infrastructure in low-resourced environments: The logistical challenges with connecting audiences with varying technical competencies, computer and internet speeds, and cultural understandings and language barriers to resources associated with digital publication; 

·       Digital storytelling and the narrative voice: How marginalized voices and perspectives can be integrated into the digital storytelling process, empowering communities to engage with storytelling in self-directed, generative ways that deepen connections to cultural heritage. 

Each theme will be an hour in length, with time dedicated equally to presentation and audience participation. 

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