Right to Research in Africa: A Week of Debates on Copyright and Access to Knowledge


“A Right to Research in Africa: A Week of Debates on Copyright and Access to Knowledge”  that is currently taking place in South Africa, and will run until the 27 January 2023. It brings together diverse experts to discuss the relationship between copyright law and the promotion of research and creativity in Africa. The conference will focus on a wide range of fields, including health, climate change, research, natural language processing, machine learning, arts and culture, and the preservation activities of libraries and cultural heritage institutions. 

The conference seeks to understand how copyright law can be used to support and encourage research and creativity in Africa. This is particularly important in light of the fact that many African countries are still developing their intellectual property statutes, and there is great need for more information and guidance on how to create effective and balanced copyright laws that promote innovation and creativity.

Our Programs & Outreach Manager, Mutanu Kyany’a will be part of a panel discussion, “After the Fires: Digitizing our Heritage” that takes place on 26th January 2023, at the University of Cape Town. She will provide insights on “How can we preserve and protect African Heritage through Digitization?” especially in light of accessibility and freedoms. 

The conference, A Right to Research in Africa, will feature several other experts, including representatives from top universities, cultural heritage institutions, and copyright officials from South Africa, Cameroon, Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal, Uganda, the United States, Switzerland, Canada and Brazil. These speakers will share their knowledge and experience on the subject, and will lead discussions on a wide range of topics related to copyright and access to knowledge in Africa.

Click here to join the conference on zoom.

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