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Saving the Railway – Documenting Kenya’s Railway stations

Saving the Railway – Documenting Kenya’s Railway Stations

” My father worked with EARC up to 1976 in stations Nakuru, Mombasa, Changamwe and Makindu.. It is very sad if you see the state of the railway infrastructure now. “

3 years, 50+ Railway Stations, 1000+ photographs

In 2015 we embarked on a one of a kind journey to document Kenya’s railway stations that were at risk of demolition and severe dilapidation.

Although no longer in use, the stations held in their cracks and crevices the stories of millions of Kenyans who depended heavily on the railway before its decline. These photos showcase our journey across the country to document the obvious, the elusive, the tangible and the intangible.

  2013 – 2106

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3D Reconstruction

Last Dance in Kaloleni – Film

A drama about the struggle of ordinary people for an acceptable future in the face of political and personal uncertainty and upheaval. Set in 1959 Nairobi, Kenya, on the eve of independence from colonial rule, the story follows the life of Miriam, a young housewife living in African Railway housing estates, who loves to dance.–AeQAeL9c

” We are passionate about this story for its ability to bring back those times and those dreams that imagined life and the city yet to come. We embark on this film project to celebrate Nairobi. “