Space For Culture


African Digital Heritage is delighted to be a part of an exciting event, “Space for Culture”, happening on the 9th December 2022 at the KICC helipad from 6pm-9pm EAT, hosted by Leo Sky Africa.  This event aims to reframe Space as a medium for carrying, expressing and preserving African. Culture through a variety of activities. 

Kenya Astronomical Heritage 

Kenya is rich with different indigenous interpretations of the night sky. The sky was studied, celestial bodies were differentiated and their movements measured which is  crucial to our cultural heritage. African Digital Heritage has been working together with Leo Sky to collect this data, interpret it for modern Africans and preserve it for future Africans. We would like to preview what we have been working on and speak more on it.

Sky Gazing

On this day, we will have a stellar line up; full moon, Mars in opposition, Jupiter and Saturn in the Sky. The sky gazing activities will be led by the Amateur Astronomical Society of Kenya in conjunction with UNNASA from Nairobi University, the Kenya Space Agency and the Technical University of Kenya.

Name Exo Worlds 2022

Once again, this year Kenya is sending our proposal for the NameExoWorlds 2022 edition building from the success of the 2019 team.  To aid in building a uniquely African view of Space we are coming together to propose a Kenyan name to one of the new ExoPlanets discovered by the James Webb Telescope. There is a Kenyan team assembled and the event will be a culmination of activities that will have been happening two weeks prior.

Finally, The Space for Culture event is supporting a member of Kenya’s growing Space family who is using Astronomy to support a high school. A portion of the funds collected will go towards supporting the school.

Africans in Space, By Africans, For Africans.

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