As African Digital Heritage, we’ve grown to love our community of history and culture enthusiasts who support us and keep us on our toes. You inspire us to find new ways to connect with you and share our passion for African history and technology. That’s why we’ve teamed up with some awesome friends and experts to bring you more stories and insights about the latest trends in culture, technology and heritage.

Introducing… The Culture Catch-up. A mix of fun history chats and reflections on African pasts, presents and futures. It’s a cosy space for conversation, discovery, and learning for everyone. We want to show you how culture and heritage shape our identity, and our role in the world

What to Expect

  • Rundown: What’s been happening lately at ADH?
  • Recaps: News on ADH events, exhibitions and engagements.
  • Culture Watch: A glimpse of the innovate, historic and or sector shifting things happening around the continent in Architecture, Music, Film, Artefacts and Climate.
  • Resources: Find out what we’re exploring through linked articles, podcasts and materials.
  • Announcements & Highlights: Our recent wins, endeavours and award nominations.
  • Deep dives: Get to know us better! Team members will share more about their roles, personal ambitions and the bits of art and culture they resonate with.
  • Personal archive exploration- We will delve into the histories of friends, experts and team members. Look forward to personal collections, landmarks and special items that have impacted their worldview.

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