The Interdisciplinary Seminar 2022: Debates in Digital Humanities.


We are pleased to be taking part in the interdisciplinary seminar 2022 taking place from 16/02/2022 – 04/05/2022 that is organized by the University of East Anglia’s Arts and Humanities Graduate School. (UEA HUM)

This seminar series is an attempt to curate current thinking around the wide-ranging research that Digital Humanities encompasses. This seminar series will bring together scholars focusing on digital heritage, archives and the future of our digital worlds .

The seminar format brings together academic staff from UEA HUM in conversation with colleagues from across the university, or with an external speaker, to discuss a range of different topics over several seminar events.

In these seminars we will reflect on Digital Heritage scholarship in the humanities at the UEA, and think about how we can best prepare, implement and anticipate digital practices in society and in our research. It will consider the impact of the digital on data collection and storage, new forms of visual and aural analysis, new research methods, new ways of coping with disaster, exploring issues of social justice through digital technology, and how to be human in the digital future.

Our director Chao Tayiana Maina, is privileged to be speaking on the 23/02/2022 at 5.00PM EAT.

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