Wairimũ Nduba – Community Manager


Wairimũ Nduba is a multidisciplinary creative whose work dances between the intersections of music, ballet, sonic-visual research, and archiving. Having graduated with a degree in music, she has worked as an educator in the dance and music fields for the past several years. This work has evolved over time to include establishing and building the digital archival platform, Wer Jokenya, a space that celebrates Kenya’s nuanced and layered music history and its conversational nature stretching across time and imperial borderlines.

Her multifaceted practice is rooted and is guided by African sonic principles which hold music to be a site of communal gathering, healing, joy, and beauty. Wairimũ’s work can be found on platforms such as Pan-African Music, Amaka Studio, and Book Bunk, and her archival work on Twitter and Instagram under the handle @werjokenya. She is happiest, at home, surrounded by flowers/plants, sipping tea, and reading a juicy book. 

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